So, what is session wrestlers all about?

Welcome to session wrestlers – the hub of female supremacy!

Our aim is to provide a user friendly advertising platform for all. Showcasing those who provide private wrestling sessions or related fetish services. We hope to raise the bar,  by setting new standards in session wrestler history. Making advertising for session wrestlers even better! It may take a while to get used to the site, as everybody hates change… but we hope to get your seal of approval.

The hub of female athleticism, strength and superiority!

We also want to make you guys life a lot easier, in that search for the perfect session wrestler. The key feature that differentiates us from the rest, is that we want to encourage all girls listed on session to have their profiles verified. This has many added benefits for both parties. Peace of mind to clients handing over deposits to girls, whom they have maybe never meet before. As well as more confidence for verified session wrestlers to ask for deposits!

Your opinion is also taken very seriously. This means taking suggestions on-board and implementing them! We hope you will join session wrestlers on its journey and watch it evolve to become the best platform out there for finding session wrestlers! Castings for production companies, industry related jobs, and an exchange review system, meaning the girls can review the guys too, are all things we have up our selves and should be coming soon!

Watch this Space!

Verified identity

The reasoning behind verified identity is to give potential clients that added peace of mind, that the girl you are approaching is the girl they claim to be in their profile.  This means that she may verify her identity through proof of ID, nationality and also age if she so desires; however remember it is rude to ask a lady her age! For our session wrestlers, it also gives plenty of added advantages. Session Wrestlers should find newfound confidence in asking for deposits if their identity is verified. It should also inhibit any scam artists from trying to steal a session wrestlers identity and impersonating them online. Many other adult industry based websites such as Adult Works have these kinds of systems in place. So, we only think it is fair for it to enter the world of session wrestling too!

Verified pictures

The idea behind verified pictures is to give anyone who wishes to book a session wrestler listed, based on her photographs displayed, that they are genuine. Verified pictures means that they should have been taken recently and are a true and fair reflection of the session wrestler herself. We obviously take a more laissez -faire attitude to height, weight, vital statistics and age for obvious reasons. As we cannot have a tape measure out. However, having seen a picture of each individual session wrestler personally, we are able to say that no girl is making any outlandish, unrealistic claims or statements. All information contained on the site is therefore as accurate as is reasonable to expect.

Without you guys and girls behind us we cannot do this!

If you ever contact a session wrestler, as a direct result of having seen her on our website. It would be appreciated if you could mention that you have seen or approached her as a direct result of Session Wrestlers.  This has the combined effect of promoting the website as well as helping the girl identify the end result of her advertising.

Session Wrestlers